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Home Prices Stabilizing but Expected to Keep Rising in 2022
Average home prices across Canada have eased from their March peak, but a lack of supply and still-high demand is expected to keep prices rising into 2022.In August, the average selling price of a...
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What May Happen if You Miss a Mortgage Payment?
For the majority of mortgage borrowers, missing a single mortgage payment is not a concern.But have you ever wondered what would happen if, for some reason, you couldn’t make your payment?Below I’m...
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Stressed About Your Mortgage? Here Are Some Tips to Manage it.
Given that a mortgage is the largest form of debt most people will take on in their lifetime, it’s not surprising that it can also be the source of at least some financial stress and anxiety.But don’t...
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Mortgage Pre-Approvals: What Are They, and Do You Need One?
There’s a common misconception among some homebuyers that if you’ve got a pre-approval, your mortgage is basically guaranteed.But this isn’t always the case. Having a pre-approval doesn’t...
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