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Is it time for a mortgage check-up? (Hint: the answer is probably yes)
Once you have your mortgage secured and your payments set up, it may be tempting to ignore it until you get your renewal letter from your lender.But I’m going to outline some reasons why there is no...
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Do mortgages vanish when people pass away?
The short answer is no.It may seem like a morbid thought, but the fact is, for most people, their mortgage is the largest debt they’ll carry in their lifetimes.As a result, many invest a lot of time...
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What should you focus on this tax season: your mortgage or your RRSP?
Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re quickly approaching the next period that brings our finances into focus—tax season.A common question I receive from homeowners is, should I put money in my...
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Bank of Canada hikes rates by 0.25%, but is now likely to hit the pause button
The Bank of Canada delivered its eighth consecutive rate hike on Wednesday, January 25, but said it would likely now pause to assess the impacts of its rate hikes to date. As expected, the Bank of...
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