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Government, Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy Reactions to COVID-19
By Mark Kerzner, President TMG The Mortgage GroupThere was a second emergency reduction in the Overnight rate of 50 basis points on Friday, March 13 – to ensure market liquidity, and in response to...
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Breaking News
The Bank of Canada (BoC) has announced another 50bps reduction in interest rates today in an emergency meeting. The rate has dropped to .75%. The BoC said they are prepared to cuts rates further. We...
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Recent changes may be good news for homebuyers
We’ve had back-to-back changes recently in the mortgage world – one direct, one indirect. The benchmark rate used to qualify will change downwards starting April 6, 2020, and the Bank of Canada (BoC)...
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Four Questions to ask Your Mortgage Broker
Buying a new house should be exciting, but it can get pretty harrowing at times. You may worry you won’t qualify. You may feel unsure about house prices and worry about interest rates. If you’re...
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