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Stressed About Your Mortgage? Here Are Some Tips to Manage it.
Given that a mortgage is the largest form of debt most people will take on in their lifetime, it’s not surprising that it can also be the source of at least some financial stress and anxiety.But don’t...
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The importance of choosing the right mortgage features
A common mistake some mortgage shoppers make is focusing entirely on getting the lowest rate.Don’t get me wrong, a low rate is important, of course, and that’s my goal too. But there are also other...
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Things to consider when buying a rental property
With interest rates on the rise and given the current economic climate, not everyone is rushing to invest in a rental property just yet.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great investment...
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Is co-ownership right for you?
With interest rates rising, along with the overall cost of living, more people are turning to creative options to achieve homeownership.Co-ownership with family or friends—once a very niche segment of...
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