My Mortgage Blog

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial transactions you will make. Don’t go it alone! As a mortgage professional, I have helped many first-time home buyers go through the process. I share my experience and knowledge with you so you can make informed decisions every step along the way, from the moment you decide to buy your home to the moment you move in. 


Here's what I can do for you:

  • Explain the various mortgage products available to you and offer advice on which terms, features, and rates are best suited to you and your financial situation
  • Gather the documentation you need to get a mortgage approval
  • Customize your mortgage options to make sure the mortgage product works for you
  • Explain all the costs involved, over and above your down payment.


Put together your home buying team


Put your team together to make the home buying process as smooth as possible, from the start. Your home buying team includes your mortgage professional, a Realtor, a home inspector, a lawyer or notary and an insurance agent.


  • Know what you can afford
  • Get a rate guarantee
  • Make sure you have all documentation in place
  • Understand terms such as: open vs. closed mortgage, fixed rate vs. variable rates 
  • Know the difference between a conventional vs. high-ratio mortgage
  • Length of repayment (amortization) 
  • Other costs such as legal fees, land transfer tax, survey, title insurance, fire insurance, home inspection and HST

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, I will clarify each of these points with you… Keep in mind, in most cases, my services are no cost to you with no risk and obligation

Let me help you finance your home



If you're not sure of your next step, let's talk. Together we can review your options and create a mortgage financing plan that works for you.